BRT is growing rapidly in popularity, in large part due to the transformative nature of the service. With a relatively minimal investment, cities and regions around the world are delivering high-quality premium transit that increases access and opportunity for their residents.

Success stories can be found throughout Latin America, Asia and Europe, where BRT has been a first-choice transit option for decades. While U.S markets have been slower to embrace the concept, the number of BRT projects nationwide is now surging, as more communities search for affordable and effective transit solutions.

Bogota, Columbia

Bogota’s TransMilenio is one of the largest and most heavily used BRT systems in the world. Vehicles operate in dedicated transit lanes, often on major freeways.

Istanbul, Turkey

The Istanbul Metrobus serves more than 45,000 riders per hour each day, on sleek, state-of-the-art vehicles more reminiscent of a modern train than a traditional bus.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

In Belo Horizonte, riders on the MOVE BRT system enjoy stations with sliding glass entry doors and platform-level boarding.

Mexico City, Mexico

In Mexico City, the popular Metrobus BRT system could be easily mistaken for light rail.

Curitiba, Brazil

The unique tubular stations serving Curitiba’s BRT system have become an iconic symbol of the city.

Los Angeles, California

The Los Angeles Orange Line is the most successful BRT system in America. Thanks to dedicated transit lanes and off-board fare collection, BRT vehicles run an average of 30-50 percent faster than conventional buses.