Tampa Bay’s bus rapid transit: Do it right, which means paying for dedicated lanes

Tampa Bay Times

Like pirate parades, chintzing on transit is a regional pastime. We have sporadic bus systems and no …

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The Notorious BRT

Tampa Bay Business Journal

When executed properly, BRT can be just as good as a subway. Done on the cheap, it's little more than a bus.

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The Next Big Thing in Urban Transit: Fast-Bus Systems

The Wall Street Journal

After years of unsuccessful efforts to create a light-rail system in Florida’s Tampa Bay area, transit leaders …

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Buses are the future of urban transport. No, really

The Guardian

Why do many urbanists think the lowly bus – emblem of all that is slow, stigmatized and wasteful – is the …

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Orange Line busway is Metro’s quiet success story

Los Angeles Times

As Los Angeles County pumps billions of dollars into its expanding commuter rail network, a …

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